Power Putty Training/Resistance

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POWER PUTTY is a high quality silicone rubber with the unique ability to resist in proportion to the pressure applied against it. For example, under hard impact it bounces like a rubber ball and under slow force it stretches like elastic. Therefore, it can be squeezed, stretched, pinched, and pulled to provide exercises for strengthening the muscles of the fingers, hand, wrist, and forearm.

Power Putty is made in five levels of resistance that are color coded for individual strengthening needs. It is used by medical professionals for hand rehabilitation after surgeries, fractures, sprains, stroke recovery, and arthritis. It is also sold in sports, fitness, and massage supply stores to increase hand strength and improve performance.

Power Putty is used to improve dexterity and motor coordination for occupational requirements of dental hygienists, massage therapists, and musicians.

Power Putty can be enjoyed by anyone, young or old, to strengthen the hands, improve dexterity and precision, and increase flexibility. The hands are miraculous human instruments we use to grip, twist, push, and pull. Power Putty will greatly enhance these capabilities and you'll have fun doing it.

Power Putty

 Strengthens all muscles of the hand

 Exercises individual fingers and thumb

 Works fingers in a full range of motion from closure to extension

 Develops strength and dexterity