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Alpinist Magazine 71 Autumn 2020

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Terra Arcana
It seems only natural that climbers drawn to the mountains are also drawn to art that depicts them. In this brief survey of artists who recreate in the landscapes they render, Mailee Hung considers the articulation of the unknowable in climbing and landscape art. Featuring art by Jeremy Collins, Lizzy Dalton, Rhiannon Klee Williams, Craig Muderlak, Renan Ozturk and Rachel Pohl.
The Line of Shadow
In 2016 alpinist Brette Harrington received a message from her partner, Marc-André Leclerc, containing a photo of an unclimbed crescent line on Torre Egger in the Southern Patagonian Icecap. Years later, Harrington traveled to the massif with Quentin Lindfield Roberts to complete an ascent of the line they named MA's Visión.
Beyond the Field Notes
Born in 1939 in Pittsburgh, poet Ed Roberson nurtured a "burgeoning curiosity for the world" from a young age. On his first major mountain- eering expedition, he made the second ascent of Nevado Jangyaraju III in Peru. Herein, Sarah Audsley interviews Roberson about how his notes from the field came to shape some of his prize-winning work.
Mountains of Grief
"When the mountain community...grapples with the accidental death of one of its members," Anna Callaghan writes, "only one thing is certain: it's going to happen again." Through interviews with several climbers who've lost loved ones to the mountains, Callaghan explores the ways in which people across the climbing community are banding together to address grief and support the bereaved.