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Blue Gnome Sqwurel V4

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Best Rappel Device (for long rappels) EVER! New and Improved 4th Edition !!!

On the way to my hands from Luke, to arrive Sept 7, 2022

After using my prototype for a year and a half, I am convinced this is the best rappel device ever for long rappels. The ladder allows friction adjustments while on rappel and free-hanging (or not). The ladder allows for close increments of friction to be used, so your friction can be perfect every time, even if you chose wrong when going over the edge.

The downside is that it requires attention to be paid to the device while rappelling. Moving your brake hand to the side, out or in, can pop the rope out of the notch, resulting in a sudden loss of friction. Perhaps I flop my arms around more than most… Version 3 decreases the pop out tendency significantly. While I would not use it in Class C canyons (where I am an arm-flapping advanced BEGINNER), many real Class C canyoners in the PNW like and use the Sqwurel on a regular basis.

Since the Critr is MINE MINE MINE!!!!, I use the Critr as my everyday device. If the adventure calls for long rappels (especially > 200 feet), then I will bring a Sqwurel specifically for that.