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Rock & Ice Ascent Summer 2020 Magazine

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Rock and Ice #263, Ascent 2020  

THE EQUILIBRIUM LINE: The poetry of the Alps, Everest and Ben Nevis. By David Wilson. HOLY OF HOLIES: The volcanic rock "where the Incas wept". By Jan Novak. FLIGHT OF THE CONDOR: A high, hardline in the Pervuvian Andes. Text by Josh Larson. Photos by Jan Novak. THE ICE FARMERS: The work of those who tend to the nozzles, valves, kinks and spray that creat the Ouray Ice Park. Photos by Mike Thurk. Text By Caley Fretz. ARTIFACTS: Revere the gear of Yosemite climbing in the golden age. By Dean Fidelman. FINDING TOM BALLARD: When the 30-year-old- British climber disappeared on Nanga Parbat, it was tragedy compounded on tragedy