Sterling Photon 7.8mm Dry Rope

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7.8 mm Half and Twin Dynamic Rope

Our lightest, thinnest, dual-certified half and twin rope, the 7.8 mm Photon gives new meaning to the saying, less is more. The Photon is coveted because of its combination of ideal features—durable, supreme handling and featherweight construction. Intended for climbers embarking on ice, mixed, glacier and trad climbs. Pair the Photon with any of our certified single ropes, on routes with long rappels for an extra layer of insurance. Now available with new DryXP treatment, UIAA-Certified Water Repellent.

Technical Specifications.

    Diameter (mm) Dynamic Elongation (%)
    7.8 35.3 | 32.3
    Rope Type Static Elongation (%)
    Half | Twin 11.7 | 6.5
    Sheath (%) Impact Force (kN)
    45 5.6 | 8.7
    Weight (g/m) UIAA Falls
    41 5 | 16