Grivel G20 Evo Crampon

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The ultra-light ice and mixed crampon that pushed the limit of the difficulties upwards.

G20 is revolutionary, ultra-light, designed for mixed climbing, it has high performance on both ice and rock, ideal for cracks joints and resting even on the slightest holds. It has a central point (replaceable in case of wear) in forged steel, which significantly improves the penetration and the strength of the front teeth. The position of each point is designed to provide greater stability in all climbing positions and on all forms of ice. It has only one Antibott system in the back to reduce weight to a minimum. The bar characterizes the product by providing at the same time rigidity and simplified adjustment system for all sizes, it also has two reinforced central points that can be used on particular icy structures or as retention points.

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  • Certification: CE EN 893, UIAA 153
  • Weight: 845 g
  • Sizes: 37-48
  • Antibott: rear