Beal Backup Line 5mm Rope

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You tell your friends as they stare terrifyingly at their broken rope, torn in half by a falling rock the size of your head. They stare in confusion as your pull Beal's Back Up Line out of your backpack, looking like you magically pulled a bunny out of your hat. The thing is, this compact, thin cord packs away small, and when you're abseiling something sketchy or working a rescue, a lightweight back up will generally come in handy. This static line features aramid fibers for increased abrasion resistance and a rougher texture for easier handling and better control. 

Beal Back Up line is a compact and thin Aramid/nylon cord for hauling, rappelling, or use as a guideline system for rescue. It is very light, compact, ultra static line. Because the Back Up Line uses aramid fibers and is intended to be ultra-static it will not absorb energy. Therefore, the Back Up Line must not be used for tying-in, progression or any situation where dynamic loading may take place e.g. climbing.

  • Aramid core
  • Rough nylon sheath
  • Mid-rope marking
  • Ultra-static
  • Weight: 21 g/m
  • Strength: 1200 Kg