Fixe Alien X Cams NEW 2023

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The Alien X is the sixth generation of the micro cam that obtained its first patent in 1986, in Colorado (US). It retains its original character, with a version that has been improved in terms of performance and finishes.

Available in six sizes, the new Alien X features the following improvements:

- Cams with X-grip texture. Improves the grip of the cams during the first times it is used.

- Three more versatile sizes. The three large sizes (3/4 yellow, 7/8 grey and 1 red) can work as passive anchors.

- The puller is more ergonomic and re-sized. The redesign of the puller has made the Alien X into a micro cam that is easy and quick to manipulate, whether during its placement or extraction. As well as this, it is now easier to use while wearing gloves. With respect to its six sizes, there is now an additional 3 mm between the puller and the cams.

- It has a solid and compact construction. The metal riveting and riveting joint turn this micro cam into a more homogeneous piece, with a more compact design.