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The hype is real. The Valkryie V3 is not just our highest performance whitewater packraft, its the biggest leap in performance that we've ever made and may ever make. It features our lowest profile tubes, modern creek boat shaping, generous bow and stern rocker, and a spacious and comfortable cockpit. The patented floor sits below the bottom of the tubes to create secondary stability when the boat is put on edge.  Like a kayak, this allows the paddler to hold the Valkyrie on edge for crossing eddylines, boofing off drops, and cutting through features.  The bow and stern rocker keep the boat high and dry and make it incredibly easy to boof over and skip out of holes and steep drops. And the speed is, well, you have to paddle it to believe it.

If you are a kayaker who is packraft curious or tired of lugging nine feet of plastic on your shoulder into the backcountry, the Valkyrie V3 is your packraft. It is also a great boat for the experienced packrafter looking to step up their whitewater game or anyone who wants to develop kayak skills in a forgiving and easy to store and travel package.

Note: High pressure is key on the Valkyrie V3. Topping it off with the Pack-A-Pump will be imperative for performance. (see the "in detail" video above for specific instructions on topping off the Valkyrie V3)