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AVANT Flip Stop

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Our new Flip-Stops make trad climbing a little less fumbly, so you can focus more on the climbing itself.

Cam placements with less hassle - whether you are seeking smoother trad redpoints or faster multipitch outings, our Flip-Stops make each placement a touch quicker. This adds up over the hundreds of placement on a long route, or when pumped on that tricky trad project.
Our Patent Pending Design securely holds the racking carabiner in an easy-clipping position, but unlike any other option on the market, still allows the sling to be clipped and weighted with draws when needed.

*Note: Flip Stops are not recommended on alpine draws or extendable cam slings due to the added risk of unclipping fully from the sling during extension, but not realizing, due to the carabiner being held in place by the rubber device.*