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Blue Gnome Smooth Operator

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The Smooth Operator is an anchor system which can be retrieved after rappelling, leaving nothing behind. Trees, rocks, arches, existing anchors and other creative anchor options can be used.

Some of the possible advantages of using the Smooth Operator are: Anchors can be set 20, 30 or more feet back from the edge of a rappel, Reduced consumption of webbing and rap rings, Rope grooves can be minimized, The Smooth Operator can sometimes be set up faster than traditional anchors, adds options for ghosting a canyon (leaving no trace).

The Smooth Operator requires advanced skills and judgment requiring constant attention to detail with every use. As with any anchoring system, there is always potential for failure and human error which can result in injury or death to you and or others. With proper use the last person will take the highest risk. Prior to use carefully read the instruction manual and practice in a safe environment prior to use in a canyon.