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Gear Aid Zipper Lubricant 2-Pack

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  • Lubricate, clean, and quickly unzip zippers on outdoor gear with non-toxic, silicone-free formula that works in all water temperatures (GEAR AID Zipper Lubricant Wax)
  • Protect nylon, plastic, and metal zippers against sand, salt, chlorine, rust, and corrosion for years of smooth zipping (GEAR AID Zipper Lubricant Wax)
  • Lubricate rubber, plastic and metal parts on dive gear; maintains O-rings that seal out water (Gear Aid Silicone Grease)
  • Condition and fight against cracking and drying; made of natural, 100% pure food grade silicone (Gear Aid Silicone Grease)
  • Use it to resist oxidation and improve water repellency for breathing apparatus, hoses, and pipe fittings (Gear Aid Silicone Grease)