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Glacier Black PaliKoa Pivot Rappel Device

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The PaliKoa Collection was developed in the canyons and waterways of the Pacific Northwest and the Colorado Plateau. The PaliKoa came to resemble the ancient petroglyphs found in ancient Hawaiian lava flows. It too, embodies the warriors of the the same region. The PaliKoa was designed specifically for the varied terrain of cascading waterfalls and deep slotted sandstone canyons.

The PaliKoa, translated as “Cliff Warrior” gives adventure seekers customizable friction on demand. It is designed to give you the tools to descend, rig anchors and safely explore what inspires you. The Palikoa collection currently consists of two different designs, the Element and the Pivot.


The Pivot is designed for the guide, canyon leader, or just an avid adventurer who wants more out of their gear.


The Pivot has all the friction settings and multiple rigging options including the "Joker" or a releasable contingency block.


The Pivot has multiple attachment points allowing the user to switch up or "Pivot" the descender modes.


The color selection is stunning. The Element and Pivot both, are made from 7075T6 aluminum. This too will grow with your skill level and abilities.


Alluminum 7075 T6 


Multiple Rigging Options

Multiple Descending Variations 

  • BaseCamp with High and Low gear
  • Pivot Mode
  • Half and Full Nelson