How To Rock climb

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Falcon's How to Rock Climb!, now in its fourth edition, is the most thorough instructional rock climbing book in the world. This nuts-and-bolts guide serves as an introduction to rock climbing for beginners, and helps the intermediate climbers hone their knowledge of the sport. All the key elements, from ethics to getting up the climb, are in this book. In clear, concise, and entertaining prose, veteran rock climber John Long provides the basics and distills the intricacies of modern technical rock climbing in all its diverse forms.
Beginning with an overview of the history of climbing and the ratings system, Long then gives a complete review of face and crack climbing skills. He introduces the equipment needed to get up and down the rock and the art of leading. Sport climbing, trad climbing, training methods, and how to get started on your own climbing adventures round out this guide. Throughout the author stresses that safety and simplicity are the keys to climbing.
Inside you'll find: footwork and handhold positions; finger, hand, and off-width cracks; equipment, including ropes, anchors, and carabiners; information on belaying and belay devices; tips for leading and finding routes; downclimbing and rappelling; information on sport climbing; training, including bouldering and climbing gyms. Use this best-selling book to face a wall, select a route, and climb!