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Hueco Tanks Bouldering

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Much has changed at Hueco since the 2004 first edition of this book :  the discovery of new rock art has led to changes in access, there are some great new places to stay, and new problems abound! This comprehensive guide covers 850 problems at North Mountain, the self-guided part of the park. For guided-only areas (West Mountain, East Mountain, and the East Spur), there is also a 20+ page “greatest-hits” section full of maps and great imagery for help planning your tour. We also include a thorough guide to navigating the park regulations so you can get the most out of your visit. Jason Kehl has put in an incredible effort to update and beautify Matt Wilder’s original work for this new edition.

Please note: this volume is comprehensive for North Mountain only, with over 200 new problems since last edition. It’s likely all you’ll ever need, but for hard-bit Hueco connoisseurs, a comprehensive book for the guided-tour-only section of the park is in the works! 

$1 from each book sold is donated to the Climbers of Hueco Tanks Coalition