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Imlay Canyon Gear SECO-100, 150, 200, 300 & 400 Rope Bag

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SECO Ropebags are lighter, simpler versions of our classic rope bags, for when light and simple are higher priorities than optimum performance, durability and floatation. Optimized for DRY canyons

The SECO-200 is designed for 200ft 8.3mm Canyon Fire.

The SECO-150 is designed for 120ft 9.2 Canyonero or Canyon Fire.

The SECO-100 is designed for 210 6mm pullcord

SECO ropebags are made from durable 1000d air-textured nylon fabric. They have no foam and minimal drainage. They do not float. They stay open reasonably well for stuffing, but not like our Lexus-build rope bags. And they will not be as durable. But they do weigh (and cost) a lot less.

Weight: 9.2 oz (266 g)

Seco-200 Dimensions: 10" tall by 7" diameter at the top - 13 liters