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Imlay Canyon Heaps 2023 Pack

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NEW 2023 Heaps Pack, Sewn in USA, Utah and Arizona

A 48-liter internal frame canyoneering-specific pack, the Heaps is the Big Kahuna of Imlay's line, offering excellent comfort in addition to canyon compatibility like no other. Big enough for long day-canyons carrying too much stuff, or for lightweight overnights.


  • Insta-Drain design: mesh sides and bottom vents allow water to drain instantly.

  • Worthy suspension: well padded, with a supportive HDPE/aluminum frame and nicely shaped hipbelt.

  • Pockets, but not zippers: three pockets are pleated and close with a strap and buckle, rather than the easily destroyed zippers.

  • Zippered Lid: clips off easily to stow in your drybag.

  • Tri-Fold Bivy Pad: 1/4 inch pad fits in the back providing a comfy carry and a bit of flotation - and unfolds to offer minimal comfort in unplanned bivies.

  • Water Tank compatible.

Weight: 1760 grams or 3 lb 14 oz

Volume: 48 liters, body and lid.

Volume on approach: 67 liters, body, lid and 3 pleated pockets.