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Imlay Canyon Mystery 2023 Pack

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Simplicity. Durability. These were the attributes I had in mind when making this little pack, primarily for guiding activities at Zion Adventure Company. Turns out to be a pretty good narrow-canyon pack - kind of like a larger, top-opening Leprechaun.

The Mystery 2023 is 2” taller than prior versions, making it more of a ‘real pack’, only 1” shorter than the Kolob. The three-point shoulder straps fit and carry better, and are easier to sew. They allow a wide fit range, from 5’4” to 6’2” (ish). The hipbelt is the traditional Wing Style as before, but adjusted for better function and easier sewing. The back frame is lighter and better at providing vertical structure. Otherwise, the standard Mystery features apply - small enough to bring through narrow canyons, large enough to bring… well, stuff. On the approach. Not so much IN-Canyon. No lid. Armored sides with moderate drainage. Padded bottom for durability, with the Swoop styling that works well for downclimbing. Quick-release shoulder straps. Water tube exits for those foolish enough to bring tanks into canyons. Inside Rack to hold your gear. Stout handle on the outside. Over-the-top strap to pull the whole thing together. Sidewinder handle on one side, for when it really gets skinny. Helmet pocket outside. And a non-pocket on the lower part of each side.

Total Weight = 2 lbs 10 oz. Volume is 28 liters for the body, plus 5 liters for the Helmet Pocket on the approach.

COLORS: we will see a variety of color combos over the next couple of months, according to my WHIMS. Next round anticipated Oct 1. Blue Electric Blue. Green Lime Green. Batch size is 10 pcs, maybe going to 20 pcs… They will be released when they are finished and ready to ship. We are waiting on a backordered special plastic sheeting to finish them up.