Patagonia Vertical Guide Book

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The peaks of the Chaltén Massif are some of the most iconic in the world, jagged spires that shoot toward the sky. They offer a wide variety of objectives, from enjoyable mountaineering outings, to unrepeated multi-day bigwall climbs. With its excellent quality granite and uniquely wild rime formations, it is one of the world’s ultimate alpine playgrounds, seducing climbers from every corner. Although this is not the faraway land it once was, the beauty of the peaks, the quality of the rock, unusual ice formations, and the moody nature of the weather, remain unchanged, providing fertile ground for enriching experiences and lasting memories.

This book describes every peak and climb in the area — 485 routes in 75 peaks. It includes 120 topos, 145 photo-topos, as well as 120 action or scenic photos. The first edition won the Best Guidebook award at the Banff Film and Book Festival in Canada. This is the third edition, and it has been updated and expanded.

About the author

Rolando Garibotti grew up in Bariloche, and first visited the massif to climb in 1986, age 15, when with a childhood friend they ascended Aguja Guillaumet. At the time El Chaltén had a single, empty house. For the following thirty years he climbed extensively in the area. In 2008, with Colin Haley, they rode across the four fairy tale summits of the Cerro Torre group, completing the Torre Traverse.